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If you’ve been working at the same company for more than a year, it’s likely that you’re eligible for a number of job benefits that could not only help you become more productive, but could also improve your career and overall financial and personal life.

While it’s true that U.S. employers have been steadily scaling back on costly benefits like healthcare coverage, it’s also the case that most American employers, nevertheless, offer numerous assistance programs free of charge to eligible employees. Some companies even go all out when it comes to heaping generous perks and fringe benefits on their workers in order to boost recruitment efforts and retain top talent. These company offerings may range from creative employee wellness initiatives to helpful work-life balance programs, such as childcare services or health club membership plans.

Here are five job benefits you may not be using, but should be taking full advantage of now:

Financial Literacy and Financial Education

From retirement planning seminars to credit counseling sessions that explain the differences between debt management and debt settlement, you could learn some effective methods and strategies for improving your financial health. These programs can help you make sound financial decisions in your personal life, and may even motivate you to set some financial goals for your future.

If your company doesn’t offer financial literacy as a benefit, ask your boss or your Human Resources department to reach out to an organization such as the LFE Institute. LFE is a national provider of workplace financial education. Their offerings are low-cost to employers and free for employees.

Work-Life Balance Programs

If you’re working full-time and raising children or going to school, you may be eligible to receive work-life benefits such as paid time off , paid volunteer days where you can volunteer your services at a local organization and get paid by your employer for the day, or a discount on a local health club membership so that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Companies are increasingly realizing the importance of ensuring that their employees are healthy and happy, and offer work-life balance programs as a benefit for eligible workers.


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Article by LYNNETTE KHALFANI-COX, B.E. Magazine | Read full article here