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Photo by Lance Murphey

When Mud Island River Park reopens to the public Tuesday, May 24, there might not be any water in the park’s scale model of the Mississippi River.

“When that is cleaned out everything in there is going to be gone,” said Trey Giuntini, general manager of the park. “All the water will be gone. It will be pressure washed and we will have chlorinated water coming through there. We may not open Tuesday with the riverwalk model actually being turned on. That’s not because of an unsafe factor because of the water. But the river stage needs to get low enough to where we feel it’s safe to drain the model for cleaning.”

The park closed earlier this month as the Mississippi River at Memphis crested at just under 48 feet and flooded the park, including the river model.

The park’s rapid cleanup points to the very different recovery efforts and tasks for commercial properties as opposed to homes and other residential dwellings. (more)

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Article by BILL DRIES, The Daily News | Read full article here