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Temperatures are rising and its time to bring out the grill! TV chef and author Rachael Ray visited "Good Morning America" today with some recipes for a perfect summer cookout.

The food guru -- who is now sharing her expertise on's food page – answered some questions and gave some simple tips for how you can make your next barbecue your best ever!

Q: Summer is here, and we all find ourselves entertaining more… what's one way to set your cookout apart from the rest of the folks on the block?

A: If you've run out of store-bought barbecue sauce or if you don't have enough for a recipe, don't fret. You can make your own sauce using fewer than 10 ingredients – and you'll mostly likely have them in your kitchen. Vary the spices and flavorings and have fun with it. Cool it down and put it in a mason jar for a great gift.

Q: We all want to be master of the grill, but you say that most of us are making the same mistake. What's that?

A: Yes, most of us are not using enough -- or are using the wrong kind of -- salt when we grill, especially when we grill the hamburgers. You must liberally salt your burgers with kosher salt, not regular salt. The kosher salt forms a crust on the burger and falls off into the grill, whearas regular salt sinks in to the meat and leaves it too salty. (more)

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