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The summer issue of T Design and Living is all about visions of home. In the cover story, "Man Cave With a View," a fashion impresario's dream house in Majorca leaves no stone unturned.

Virtually every room has breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea, oddly curvaceous white plaster walls and a surfeit of unpretentious, quirky design gestures. Consider a pair of shutters set in a rounded expanse — painted olive gray-green, a shade approved by the village’s strict building code — that open to reveal a view of, no, not the orange grove that forms a part of the property, nor the ancient terraces laid out by the Moors a thousand years ago, but a wide-screen TV. 

Ask De Betak if the undulating surfaces — there’s hardly a right angle in the place — are meant to evoke the spirit of Antoni Gaudí, and he laughs and concedes that the influence is more like Barbapapa, the shape-shifting cartoon character from the 1970s. “I love ’70s organic architecture,” he says. “I am very influenced by the time when I grew up.”

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Article by LYNN YAEGER, New York Times | Read full article here