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A new mobile application from a Memphis tech startup aims to replace the loyalty cards that consumers keep stuffed in their wallets in the hopes of discounts and freebies down the line with something more convenient – and digital.

stiQRd, one of several companies that went through the city’s inaugural small business “boot camp” known as Seed Hatchery, has launched its app of the same name. It’s now available as a free download from Apple’s App Store.

The app provides a few different services, depending on if the user is a business or consumer.

It’s built around the notion that consumers don’t always remember to pull out the punch card they got at a business way back when and thus aren’t keeping up with how close they are to scoring a discount or free item. Contributing to that lapse may also be the fact that a person’s wallet or purse is jammed with too many cards to keep up with.

Consumers who download the stiQRd app will use their phone to scan a quick response (QR) code displayed inside participating businesses. That will represent the same thing as a punch or stamp on a loyalty card.

“We are moving away from people carrying everything in their wallet and moving more to a mobile and virtual lifestyle,” said stiQRd CEO Aaron Prather. 

“With nearly 90 percent of Americans over the age of 13 carrying around a cell phone, it makes perfect sense for mobile tools and applications that allow for people to manage their life from their mobile devices.

“That is why stiQRd is working to make managing your loyalty program easy and simple with our mobile application.”

Participating businesses can structure their loyalty programs for use with the app however they like, determining for themselves how many times a customer needs to come in, tap the stiQRd app and scan the QR code before their loyalty is rewarded.

The customer gets more convenience, a digital reminder of being a certain number of stiQRd visits away from a reward and the app’s integration with social networks, a space in which most consumers already spend a lot of their time anyway. The app also will use the GPS chip in the iPhone to help people find nearby businesses that are participating in the stiQRd program. (more)

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Article by ANDY MEEK, The Daily News | Read full article here